Step 1:

We randomly select your household, along with more than thousands of others in the state of Arkansas. We use a computer that randomly constructs many thousands of telephone numbers that will ring in Arkansas. Only a fraction of these numbers will actually reach households. We do not know which of the numbers the computer generates will reach a household. We only know the general area in which the phone number will ring based on the area code and exchange; also known as prefix. The first three digits of a telephone number. For the telephone number (501) 555-2000, “555” is the exchange.

Step 2:

If we can identify address information for a household, we send an advance letter explaining that you have been selected to participate in the study. For this study, we locate address information by matching the randomly generated phone numbers against a recent telephone number database. If we do not find address information for your household—if your telephone number is not listed with an address in the telephone number database—you will not receive an advance letter. You will also not receive an advance letter if the address information we found for your telephone number is out of date. If you did not receive an advance letter and would like to read it, please click here (PDF) .

Step 3:

One of our courteous and professional interviewers from ICF Macro calls your phone number to describe the survey, collect some information about your household, and select a random member of your household to participate. All household members aged 18 and over are eligible for survey participation.

Step 4:

We will then conduct the interview with the selected member of your household. This should take about 15-20 minutes. If the selected household member is not available, we will then schedule a convenient time to call back and speak with that person.

Step 5:

Once the interview is complete, we will thank you for completing our survey.