Maternity Program 

The Arkansas Department of Health provides prenatal care to an average of 5,000 women annually at many of the Local Health Units. Services are provided for little or no cost.  No one will be refused services because they do not have money to pay.  Clients are screened for presumptive eligibility (PE) Medicaid and have access to other Health Department services.  Call 1-800-462-0599 to locate the most convenient Local Health Unit for you.

Prenatal Services include:

  • Pregnancy testing
  • Prenatal visits that include medical history and physical exam
  • Pap smear, STD and other lab tests that can affect you and your baby
  • Prenatal education and counseling
  • Postpartum care and birth control                         

The Prenatal Program’s goals are to ensure pregnant women have early access to prenatal care, decrease pregnancy related diseases, and reduce the number of infant deaths and the number of infants born prematurely.  


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