Child and Adolescent Health 

Child and Adolescent Health manages three major programs: Newborn Screening, Infant Hearing, and School Health.

The Newborn Screening (NBS) Program works to assure all newborns in the state are screened for 31 conditions which, if not detected early, could lead to severe illness, disability, or death. Positive results from blood spot screening are tracked by specialized follow-up nurses. Assistance in interpretation and follow-up of abnormal results is provided through collaboration with subspecialists at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences.

The Infant Hearing Program (IHP) strives for early identification of infants with hearing loss through screening, audiologic and medical evaluation along with enrollment in early intervention and family-to-family support services.  The IHP collects and analyzes data on infants screened for hearing loss and ensures referral of at-risk infants to appropriate service providers.  

School Health is a set of programs that aim to improve children's health and academic success. The programs work collaboratively with multiple partners to foster coordinated and high quality school health services, policies and practices.

Act 1208 of 2013

Arkansas Act 1208 of 2013 was created to strengthen the education about shaken baby syndrome mandated by Arkansas Act 1128 of 2011; which required birthing facilities to ensure that all new mothers receive information on shaken baby syndrome.  A brochure was developed to provide pertinent and factual messages that focus on prevention of abusive head trauma (shaken baby syndrome). ADH sends these brochures annually to every birthing hospital. Act 1208 of 2013 mandates other providers and agencies, including prenatal providers and child care facilities to distribute information to families about shaken baby syndrome. It also requires any educational material created on shaken baby syndrome to be reviewed and approved by the Arkansas Department of Health. The ADH Child and Adolescent Health Section will continue to provide the brochures annually and as needed to each birthing hospital to give to new parents. Hospitals may also download the brochures here. For questions about the brochures call: 501-280-4790.

Act 1208 of 2013
Shaken Baby Syndrome Brochure - English  | Spanish
What Does Safe Sleep Look Like - English  | Spanish
Protecting Your Child's Health from Toxic Stress - English | Spanish

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