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Pass/Refer Criteria

To be considered a "pass", a screening must encompass frequencies within the speech range to minimally include 2000-4000 Hz at an intensity level commensurate with normal hearing sensitivity.

Hospitals may be required by the Board to submit detailed information regarding their specific pass/refer criteria.

Referral Rates

Ideal refer rates in a universal newborn hearing screening program should not exceed 5%, although hospitals with refer rates of 5-10% will be considered in compliance.

Hospitals with refer rates exceeding 10% for three (3) consecutive months will be contacted by the Department's Program Coordinator for assistance in reaching compliance with these guidelines. Failure to reach compliance within an additional three (3) months may result in penalties pursuant to the authority conferred by Arkansas Code Annotated 20-7-101 et. seq.

Written material to be provided to parents

  • purposes and benefits of newborn hearing screening
  • milestones of auditory, speech and language development
  • procedures used for hearing screening, results of the hearing screening
  • recommendations for further testing
  • locations at which medical and audiological follow-up care and follow-up screening can be obtained