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ACT 1220 of 2003 created the Child Health Advisory Committee to address childhood obesity and develop statewide nutrition and physical activity standards. The Committee meets monthly and will make policy recommendations to the State Board of Education and the State Board of Health.

Major tasks mandated by the Act include:

  • Removing elementary school student in- school access to vending machines offering food and beverages.
  • Developing recommendations to ensure that nutrition and physical activity standards are implemented to provide students with the skills, opportunities and encouragement to adopt healthy lifestyles.
  • Requiring schools to include as part of the annual report to parents and the community the amounts and sources of funds received from competitive food and beverage contracts.
  • Requiring schools to include as part of each student’s health report to parents an annual body mass index (BMI) percentile.
  • Requiring schools to annually provide parents an explanation of the possible health effects of body mass index, nutrition and physical activity.

The Arkansas Department of Health and the Arkansas Department of Education in partnership with the Arkansas Center for Health Improvement (ACHI) are developing a statewide plan to assist schools in the implementation and reporting of the Body Mass Index to parents.

ACT 1220 of 2003

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Meeting Dates and Times




August 14, 2014, Thursday 9 am – 12:00 pm Freeway Medical Tower
5800 West 10th St., Room 906
Little Rock, Arkansas
September 11, 2014, Thursday 9 am – 12:00 pm Freeway Medical Tower
5800 West 10th St., Room 906
Little Rock, Arkansas
October 9, 2014, Thursday 9 am – 12:00 pm Freeway Medical Tower
5800 West 10th St., Room 906
Little Rock, Arkansas
November 13, 2014, Thursday 9 am – 12:00 pm Freeway Medical Tower
5800 West 10th St., Room 906
Little Rock, Arkansas
December 11, 2014, Thursday 9 am – 12:00 pm Freeway Medical Tower
5800 West 10th St., Room 906
Little Rock, Arkansas

Committee Members


Contact Numbers
Beverley Romanin, EdD
Arkansas Department of Education
Phone:  501-683-4240
Fax:  501-683-5609
Charlotte Davis, RD, LD
Arkansas School Nutrition Association
Phone: 501-268-3517
Fax: 501-278-2216

Barbara Kumpe - Arkansas Government Relations Director
Arkansas Heart Association
American Cancer Society & American Lung Association

Phone: 501-707-6589
Fax:  501-375-9066
Carole B. Garner, MPH, RD, LD - Team Lead Engagement & Coordination
Arkansas Dietetic Association
Phone: 501-526-2318
Fax: 501-526-2252
Brett Stone, M.Ed., M.P.H. - Assistant Professor
AR Association of Health Physical Education, Recreation & Dance
Phone: 479-979-1474
Fax: 479-979-1328
Arkansas Center for Health Improvement

Don Johnson
Arkansas Parent Teacher Association

Cell: 479-236-4720
Steve Anderson - Superintendent-Lake Hamilton School District
AR Association of Educational Administrators
Phone: 501-767-2306
Michelle R. Smith, PhD – Director of the Office of Minority Health and
Health Disparities
Phone: 501-280-4192

Joanne McLendon
Classroom Teacher

Phone: 501-562-5425
Martha Phillips, PhD, MPH, MBA
Fay W. Boozman College of Public Health
Phone: 501-526-6413
Fax:  501-686-5845
Rosemary Rodibaugh, PhD, RD, LD – Assistant Professor – Nutrition
University of Arkansas Division of Agriculture Cooperative Extension Service
Phone: 501-671-2111
Fax: 501-671-2294
Anna Strong, MPH, MPS
Arkansas Advocates for Children & Families
Phone: 501-371-9678 ext.119
Fax: 501-371-9681
Elton Cleveland, M.D.
Arkansas Chapter of American Academy of Family Physicians
Phone: 501-364-1849
Fax: 501-364-6728
Paula K. Smith, RNP, MNSc - State School Nurse Consultant
Arkansas School Nurse Association
Phone: 501-683-6639
Fax: 501-683-5602
Connie Whitfield
Arkansas School Boards Association
Phone: 501-372-1415

American Academy of Pediatrics - Arkansas Chapter


Patricia Scott, DNP
Arkansas Department of Health

Phone: 501-280-4783
Fax:  501-683-5602
AR Association of School Business Officials
Arkansas Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development

Guide for Schools, Parents, and Communities

This guide provides information and guidance in developing a local school Nutrition and Physical Activity Advisory Committee. Included is a membership grid, sample invitation letter and sample agenda. Names and contact information of local resources who can assist in developing the local committees are included. State and National resource links are also listed in the guide. These resources provide information on obesity, nutrition, physical activity, and children's health.

School Wellness Committee Toolkit