Frequently Asked Questions 

Q: Are body art artists and shops licensed in Arkansas?

Answer: Tattoo, permanent cosmetic, body piercing and branding artists are required to be licensed in Arkansas. A complete packet of information pertaining to license requirements is available on request

Q: What are the requirements in Arkansas to obtain an artist license for tattooing, body piercing or permanent cosmetics?

Specific Requirements for Tattoo and Body Art Licensure

Q: What type of sterilization equipment is required for tattoo establishments?

Answer: An approved steam pressure type autoclave and approved autoclave packaging is currently required. The Rules and Regulations are under revision and when completed autoclaves may not be required if all equipment used is pre-sterilized prepackaged single use such as needles and tubes for tattooing. Body piercing establishments would still be required to provide an approved autoclave for sterilization of new piercing jewelry and equipment.

Q: Are mobile tattoo units approved in Arkansas?

Answer: Mobile units must meet all of the requirements of the current Rules and Regulations and provide adequate facilities for storage of liquid waste and a potable water system under pressure. All liquid waste must be discharged into an approved sanitary sewage disposal system.

Q: Is there an annual license fee for body art artists or shops?

Answer: Act 266 of 2003 requires a $150 annual shop fee which expires on December 31st of each year. It also requires a $100.00 annual artist fee. Both fees are due by March 1st .

Act 266 of 2003

Q: Is body piercing regulated in Arkansas?

Answer: Act 414 of 2001 also addresses body piercing as a form of body art. The Arkansas Department of Health is currently revising the Rules and Regulations Pertaining to Permanent Cosmetic Establishments to address specific requirements for body piercing establishments and artists. New Establishments must submit plans and meet current construction and sanitation requirements before opening.

Act 414 of 2001

Rules and Regulations