Environmental Health 

Environmental Health focuses on the health interrelationships between people and their environment, promotes human health and well-being, and fosters a safe and healthful environment.  Environmental Health Protection (EHP) promotes health and quality of life by ensuring environments conducive to health through interventions, regulation, policy, and recommendations.

The main areas of focus of EHP include:

  • Clean Indoor Air program enforces ACT 8 of 2006, which protects patrons of public businesses from secondhand smoke.
  • Food and milk programs ensure the safety of consumer products at the manufacturing, wholesale and retail levels.
  • On-site wastewater programs ensure safety of water resources by regulating basic wastewater systems, responding to environmental complaints and approving individual onsite wastewater systems.
  • Swimming pool and swim beach safety programs review plans for recreational facilities and test water quality to prevent waterborne diseases.
  • Marine sanitation program ensures safety of water resources by regulating wastewater disposal at marinas and on marine craft.
  • Tattoo and body art programs inspect tattoo facilities and license artists.
  • Engineering programs enforce the federal laws for public water systems, inspect facilities and train, certify public water system workers, and ensures the safety of drinking water.
  • Heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration (HVAC/R) programs train and license HVAC/R professionals.
  • Plumbing programs train and license plumbing professionals.



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