Marine Sanitation 

The Marine Sanitation and Swim Beach Program began in April 2004 and has vastly expanded since its inception. marine sanitation logo The Program has an enormous task with state operations which includes coordinating marina operators, boat-owners, and the inspection of vessels. The number of vessels to be inspected at the public docks exceeds 3500 vessels and continues to rise at a rate of 5% per year.  Private and community docks in north Arkansas number 4859 and are located on Beaver Lake, Bull Shoals Lake, Norfork Lake, Greer’s Ferry Lake, Table Rock Lake, and Lake Dardanelle.   Vessels on navigable streams such as the Arkansas, White, and Ouachita Rivers are also inspected.  All vessels are inspected every three (3) years.
The Arkansas Department of Health is charged with the enforcement of Act 1774 of 2003, section 15-27-101-413, stating “the Department of Health shall administer and enforce all laws and regulations, to the extent permitted by federal law and in accordance with applicable regulations adopted by the U. S. Coast Guard and the Environmental Protection Agency, relating to marine toilet facilities, marine sanitation devices, and unlawful discharge of marine sewage from vessels into waters of this state”.

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Act 1774 of 2003
Marine Vessel Examiners Report
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Statewide Pumpout Services  | EXCEL
Arkansas Marina List
Rules and Regulations

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Federal Clean Vessel Act Grant:

The Federal Clean Vessel Act Grant has expanded from a grant of $40,000 to $360,000 per year, and includes a newly added $50,000 emergency repair fund, and a $30,000 reimbursable marine sewage hauling fund, which has increased operations.

Federal Clean Vessel Act Grant
Application for CVA Grant


U.S. Army Corp of Engineers