K-2 (Synthetic Marijuana) 

The Department of Health issued an advisory on March 17 to physicians in the state about possible side-effects that have been reported from the use of the marijuana-like substance.

The substance, manufactured primarily in China, contains a chemical compound that has no known beneficial commercial use, and has not been approved by the FDA for human use. These synthetic chemicals are sprayed on a dried plant material which is then smoked and inhaled.

The cannabinoid-like substance in this product acts on the same brain receptors as does marijuana.  A great many of these substances have been synthesized and it would not be possible to know how much or which, if any, of these many synthetics are present in “K2” without doing an extensive chemical analysis.  

In a special called meeting at the Arkansas Department of Health (ADH) on Friday, July 2, the Arkansas Board of Health approved a measure to ban the sale and distribution of the synthetic marijuana substitute commonly called K-2. The newly adopted Emergency rule will become effective immediately upon Governor Beebe’s signature.


Health Advisory  |  K2 Synthetic Marijuana Use   - March 17, 2010

Rules Pertaining to Synthetic Marijuana Products - Emergency Rule
Draft Rules Pertaining to Synthetic Marijuana Products
Notice of Public Hearing

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