Our agency strives to produce communications to promote public health policies and practices that assure a healthy quality of life for Arkansans. The Office of Health Communications and Marketing (OHCM) works to:

  • Improve coordination, cost-efficiency, effectiveness and accountability of the communication and marketing of Agency health information and activities; 
  • Develop coordinated and consistent health messages across programs with overlapping behaviors, functions and goals and brand messages; 
  • Provide evidence-based information through communications and marketing campaigns; 
  • Improve public health communications and marketing services, and utilization of services; and, 
  • Plan, create and evaluate communications and marketing strategies to assure the most effective design and delivery of information for the audience.

OHCM is comprised of these sections External Communications (Media Relations), Internal Communications and Health Marketing.

All health communication activities adhere to agency policies or practices regarding confidentiality and disclosure of information and will use the principles of effective health literacy.

External Communication/Media Relations

External Communications staff serves as Department liaisons with external media-related and other public activities.

Freedom of Information (FOI) requests by members of the news media should be submitted to External Communications where they will be coordinated through the agency’s OHCM and the Office of Legal Services.

Media relations are coordinated by the Public Information Officer, the Director of Health Communications and Marketing, and the five Regional Media Liaisons. When an employee receives an inquiry from a member of the news media, he or she will explain how the Department uses a coordinated response. The news media member will be asked for contact information in order for the request to be relayed to the ADH External Communications officer for follow-up. The reporter can expect a timely response from the agency’s Communications Office, including the arrangement for an appropriate spokesperson, when appropriate.

The Communications Office distributes news releases and other communications using print, broadcast, electronic and internet media to reach various audiences. It will also assist the news media and the public in arranging public health subject matter experts for presentations and public speaking engagements.

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