Diabetes Advisory Council 

The purpose of the Council, established in 1998, is to provide leadership to reduce the burden of diabetes in Arkansas.  The Council represents public and private partners to promote education, awareness and quality of care to reduce the burden of complications.  The Council advocates for legislation, policies and programs to improve the treatment and outcomes of people with diabetes in Arkansas.

Membership consists of people with diabetes (or family members), nurse educators, dieticians, primary care providers, podiatrists, endocrinologists, pharmacists, community health center staff, diabetes education program staff, staff of health plans, American Diabetes Association staff, Juvenile Diabetes Foundation staff, Arkansas Department of Health staff, members of consumer groups, staff and faculty of academic institutions and others interested in the work of the Council.

Meetings are conducted at least four times a year.  Members may meet by conference call if they are unable to be physically present for the meetings.

The DAC benefits from members from a wide range of backgrounds and geographic locations across the state to assist with providing leadership in reducing the burden of diabetes in Arkansas. 

Meeting Agenda and Minutes

06.03.10| Minutes
03.04.10| Minutes