Diabetes Prevention and Control Section (DPCS) Activities 


Tracking, assessing, and evaluating diabetes allows the Arkansas Diabetes and Prevention and Control Section to use many data sources to monitor the burden of diabetes on Arkansas communities.

Downloads and Resources
The Burden of Diabetes in Arkansas
Diabetes Among Adults in Arkansas 2007
Diabetes Mortality in Arkansas 2006

Arkansas Chronic Illness Collaborative (ACIC)

The ACIC is a group of health care and public health professionals dedicated to improving the management of chronic diseases.   Partners include the Arkansas Diabetes Prevention and Control Section, the Arkansas Heart Disease and Stroke Prevention Section, the Community Health Centers of Arkansas, Inc., the Arkansas Foundation for Medical Care and the Arkansas Area Health Education Centers.

Diabetes Self Management Education

One of the action steps a person with diabetes can take is to enroll in a Diabetes Self Management Education program.  The program will help you learn that you can live well with diabetes. You will learn to understand what diabetes is, how to recognize signs and symptoms and how to manage them.  You will also learn, the importance of making positive behavioral changes such as increasing physical activity and making healthy food choices.  You will learn how to monitor blood sugar levels and blood pressure, set small achievable goals, enhance communication with your health care providers,  and when to seek professional guidance.  
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