Coalition for a Tobacco-Free Arkansas  

The Coalition for a Tobacco-Free Arkansas (CTFA), established in January 1992, is a statewide network of non-profit and public health organizations, institutions, and individuals whose mission is to help improve the health of Arkansans by reducing the health burden caused by tobacco use and exposure to second-hand smoke. CTFA’s mission is accomplished through education, prevention and policy efforts. With more than 1,500 individuals and organizations as members and/or partners, CTFA is able to mobilize grassroots advocates quickly to advance time-sensitive tobacco control activities. In addition, CTFA provides technical assistance and support to its members and other entities to promote  policies that influence social norm changes that will ultimately help to de-normalize tobacco use in Arkansas.

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TPCP Collaboration within the Chronic Disease Domains

Health Care Systems Support

  • The Arkansas Department of Health’s Tobacco Prevention and Cessation Program has developed an outreach program to work with health care providers serving populations within their practices or areas of influence. The Systems Training Outreach Program (STOP) currently uses Outreach Specialists located in the Central and Northeast Arkansas regions to provide education and support to providers.  Increasing the capacity and efficiency of care systems by asking, documenting tobacco use and advising patients to stop, the Outreach Specialists educate healthcare providers to be aware of available and accessible cessation treatment interventions. In particular, the specialists will help providers systematically identify patients who are tobacco users, provide guidance to quit and connect them to available resources to successfully quit.

Partnership and Policy Support

  • The Tobacco Prevention and Cessation Program provides technical support and assistance to statewide coalitions and communities in developing policies and partnerships to advance tobacco control efforts throughout the state.  These networks help to support social norm changes that encompass freedom from tobacco for both the individual and environment.  TPCP works to implement policies to prevent the initiation of tobacco use among youth, reduce exposure to secondhand smoke, promote tobacco cessation services, and eliminate tobacco-related disparities.

Patient Empowerment Support

Arkansas Tobacco Quitline
The Arkansas Department of Health Tobacco and Prevention and Cessation Program (TPCP), through the Arkansas Tobacco Quitline (ATQ) provide services for Arkansans who want to quit using tobacco products. 

  • Tobacco users who contact the ATQ receive confidential counseling from a quit coach, nicotine replacement medication (patch, gum, or lozenges) or $50 off prescription medication (varenicline).
  • Services provided through the ATQ are free for all Arkansans. 

Data and Evaluation Support

TPCP performs surveillance and evaluations to monitor and provide short-term, intermediate and long-term intervention outcomes to influence program and policy direction ensuring accountability and demonstrate effectiveness. The knowledge and skills of public health experts are utilized to ensure advanced surveillance and evaluation practices are employed.  Reports are shared widely and can be downloaded here.