Chronic Disease Coordinating Council 

The battle for better health in Arkansas, like in the rest of the U.S., is focused on issues such as heart disease, stroke, diabetes, obesity, cancer and tobacco use.  While there are many other health concerns that affect us all, these are the problems that cause most of the serious illnesses, hospitalizations and deaths in our state.

The Chronic Disease Coordinating Council is a partnership of organization consisting of program managers of the Arkansas Department of Health chronic disease programs, chairs of the various chronic disease coalitions, and a number of other organizational representatives, whose mission is to increase the quality and years of healthy life for all Arkansans by reducing the burden of chronic disease through leadership and collaborative action impacting policy, system and environment changes.

The Chronic Disease Coordinating Council works by encouraging focus and collaboration among various sectors and through the development of overarching goals and recommended strategies for reducing the prevention and management of chronic diseases in the state.

The Council has released "Healthy People 2020: Arkansas's Chronic Disease Framework for Action" designed to guide the efforts of participating agencies, organizations, and coalitions, and to help build relationships that can reduce the impact and costs of chronic disease in Arkansans.  It is the hope of the Arkansas Chronic Disease Coordinating Council that this Framework for Action will continue to foster even greater partnerships, alliances, and coordinated activities within the state.

"Healthy People 2020: Arkansas's Chronic Disease Framework for Action" outlines the Council's plans to encourage change in health habits, and to set up ways to monitor the state's progress in meeting the objectives.

This website is designed to provide interested parties with an easy and convenient way to find out information about the Healthy 2020 chronic disease objectives and activities taken toward these objectives.  You can also find information about the Arkansas Chronic Disease Coalitions that will update these objectives and other resources.

Communication Kit

The CDCC developed a Communication Kit to serve as an informational resource for CDCC members as well as others across Arkansas with an interest in chronic disease prevention and treatment. The kit is organized by chapters about each of the CDCC member coalitions. Because of the interconnectedness of root causes for some chronic diseases, as well as recommended practices for prevention and treatment, there is overlap – we like to think of it as synergy! – among the coalitions and their activities as they work collaboratively toward the same goals.