Frequently Asked Questions 

Q: Can you still eat healthy at restaurant?

Answer: Yes, just remember to order your meal broiled, baked, steamed or poached.

Q: Should you put hot foods in the refrigerator for storage?

Answer: Yes, leaving them out to cool can cause bacteria to begin growing quickly.

Q: Where can you find substitutes for foods containing a lot of fat?

Answer: Most cookbooks will have reference and the Internet is always a sure place to look.

Q: What is the best meat to add to a pizza for low fat and a quick meal?

Answer: Canadian bacon instead of pepperoni, sausage or hamburger.

Q: How do you avoid freezer-burning food?

Answer: You need to use the product within a reasonable time. When placing items in the freezer, use heavy freezer paper, plastic wrap or foil to help stretch the time of the products frozen.

Q: Which is better for you to eat a baked potato or French fries?

Answer: A baked potato, if low-dat condiments are used. The skin of the potato also contains valuable nutrients (wash the potato well prior to eating it with the skin).

Q: If a person general ate healthy, would occasional binges at fast food restaurants cause a problem?

Answer: No. Eating high-fat foods in moderation is okay. Denying these foods only make the cravings stronger. And don't forget that you can make healthy choices, even at fast food restaurants.

Q: How long can you leave hot food out safely?

Answer: Only for about 2 hours. After that, there is a possibility that bacteria will begin to grow in the food.

Q: How many servings of fruits and vegetables should an adult eat every day?

Answer: Every person should try to have at least 5 to 9 servings per day.

Q: What is the best age to begin watching your diet for lowering fat, cholesterol, and sodium?

Answer: The age of 2 is the best time to begin. You can develop good eating habits at a very early age to fight off diseases in the later years.

Q: Why is fiber so important in our diet?

Answer: It helps in digestion, elimination, and prevention of many diseases and disorders.

Q: Since milk comes in various percentages of fat, what is the recommended type to use for adults?

Answer: Use fat-free milk, 1% and low-fat dairy products.

Q: What type of meat should you eat the most of regularly?

Answer: Fish, chicken and turkey (without the skin) should be used for most of your main meals.

Q: How does the public know the restaurants we eat at are safe?

Answer: The health department performs inspections twice a year and all complaints are followed up immediately.

Q: How much salt should we take in per day?

Answer: With all the added salt we get from prepared foods, we should only add up to 1 teaspoon per day.