Arkansas Healthy People 2020 Chronic Disease Objective Development 

Dear Chronic Disease Partner,

The Coordinating Council of the Arkansas Chronic Disease Forum, the Chronic Disease programs of the Arkansas Department of Health, and their Coalitions and partners, developed of a set of Arkansas-specific  Healthy People 2020 Chronic Disease Objectives (ARHP2020 CDz Objectives) related to chronic disease prevention and control.

The goal of this process was to develop a set of objectives with Arkansas baseline data and target goals, to be used to track progress towards HP2020 objectives in Arkansas. Using Arkansas-specific data, rather than the national target goals, will improve our ability to set and pursue reasonable and achievable goals for the state.

Prior to finalizing these objectives, public comments were  solicited. These comments were analyzed and, where appropriate and feasible, were incorporated into the development of the final set of objectives.

  • The wordings of the objectives are the same as those of the National HP2020 objectives released in December 2010. For consistency and comparisons, these are not subject to change; neither are the National baseline data or target goals.
  • Not all National HP2020 objectives are included in the ARHP2020 CDz Objectives. In selecting objectives to include, the following steps were taken:
    • All objectives related to chronic diseases were first identified; and
    • From this set, each chronic disease program/coalition selected those objectives that were either in keeping with their current mandates/plans or which they saw as important and desirable to track for the state.
    • Where possible, Arkansas baseline data are provided. For some objectives, no source of Arkansas data could be identified.
  • Where baseline data were identified, an Arkansas-specific 2020 target goal has been set. These target goals were decided on by one of the following methods:
    • Projections and trend data, where available; or
    • Consensus among Coordinating Council members and program epidemiologists; or
    • A 10% improvement over baseline.
  • Some National objectives are designated as ‘Developmental’ objectives, meaning no current national data are available for them. For some of these we have been able to identify Arkansas data, and have, therefore, set target goals for them.
  • On the other hand, for some National objectives, no Arkansas data are available. These we have designated as ‘Potential’ objectives, meaning they are included with the hope of a data source during the decade.
  • For a few objectives exact data matches could not be found, but data are available closely matching the objective. Where these have been used, the alternative wording has been indicated.

For your convenience, the ARHP2020 CDz Objectives are listed in two ways. Please click on these links to view:

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