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To participate in the Arkansas Stroke Registry, follow these steps: 

  1. Print out two (2) copies of the Participating Hospital Agreement (PHA).  Contact the Stroke Registry Program Manager to obtain a copy of this document.
  2. Fill in the name of your hospital on the first page of the PHA. 
  3. Select the Stroke Patient Management Tool module on page 9 of the PHA. Note that in 2011, funding from the Arkansas Department of Health was available to pay for the 12-month subscription of the software license for a limited number of hospitals.   Please contact  the Arkansas Department of Health’s Stroke Registry Program Manager to determine if an opportunity exists for your hospital to receive a paid software license.  The PHA explains the annual software cost Outcome Sciences will issue a new PHA when pricing is updated.
  4. Sign and date two (2) copies of the PHA on page 5. 
  5. Complete the Comparison Group Placement Questionnaire. Be sure to designate your hospital’s primary contact person. 
  6. Complete the Invoicing Information Sheet. Be sure to designate your hospital’s invoicing contact person. 
  7. Mail two (2) copies of the complete PHA (including all 9 pages of the PHA, the Invoicing Information Sheet, and the Comparison Group Placement Questionnaire) to:

Outcome Sciences, Inc.
Attn: AHA/ASA GWTG Program
201 Broadway
Cambridge, MA 02139

Once Outcome Sciences, Inc. has executed your contract, they will return a copy of the fully-executed PHA (including a copy of the limited data set elements) to your hospital’s primary contact person. They will also activate your online account and contact your hospital’s primary contact person to schedule a teleconference training session for the Patient Management Tool(s). The teleconference sessions last approximately 45 minutes.