Every parent wants what is best  for their baby - and breastfeeding  is best for all babies! 

Breastfeeding is the beginning of healthy eating, growth, and development for babies.  The frequent close contact from breastfeeding helps to build a loving relationship that enhances a child’s development.  Breastfeeding also provides healthy eating through a nurturing environment that plays a significant role in optimizing health and preventing chronic disease. 

The WIC program is dedicated to promoting and supporting breastfeeding for all mothers and their babies as a part of improving the overall health of Arkansas communities.  This is done through the creation of positive environments for families, competency training for health professionals, and access to relevant evidence based resources for local communities.

General Breastfeeding Information

The Breastfeeding Helpline is answered 24 hours a day, 7 days a week Breastfeeding and expectant mothers, health professionals and the general public can ask questions about breastfeeding problems, medications, and other breastfeeding issues.


Breastfeeding5800 W. 10th, Suite 810
Little Rock, AR 72204