Breastfeeding Specialty Items  

WIC Breastfeeding stocks special breastfeeding items that are used to prevent or treat breastfeeding problems. Mothers must be certified for WIC as Exclusively or Partially Breastfeeding to be eligible for these items. Mothers may call the Breastfeeding Helpline at 1-800-445-6175 for information about obtaining the items.

ShieldsNipple Shields - Used by mothers with flat nipples. Before a mother uses a shield, she should get help from a breastfeeding expert. While using a shield, the mother must have her baby weighed often to ensure that the baby is getting enough milk.
AdaptorCar Adapters for Breast pumps - Used by mothers who travel long distances to visit hospitalized infants or who have other special circumstances. 

InsertsSizing Insert for Breast pump - Used by mothers who need a larger flange (the part that the breast fits into) than the standard size.