Educational Materials 

Arkansas WIC Breastfeeding offers a variety of educational materials on an array of breastfeeding topics.  View, download, or print for personal use.


I Feel Like a Good Mom - English | Spanish 
Weaning - English | Spanish
Yes, I’m Going to Breastfeed - English | Spanish
How to Get a Breast Pump from Arkansas WIC

Information Sheets

My Breastfeeding Plan - English/Spanish in Color  | English/Spanish in Black and White
Breastfed Baby Diaper Count -  English/ Spanish
Difficult Latch-On During Breastfeeding - English | Spanish
Sore Nipples During Breastfeeding (Prevention and Treatment) -  English | Spanish 
Engorgement During Breastfeeding -  English | Spanish
Mastitis During Breastfeeding - English | Spanish
Yeast Infection During Breastfeeding - English | Spanish
Nipple Pinch Test - English | Spanish
Cold Fact on Storing Breastmilk - English | Spanish
Breastfeeding & Biting - English | Spanish
Rights of Students When Expressing Breastmilk - English


Sisters United
The Basics of Breast Massage and Hand Expression