Breast Pumps - Frequently Asked Questions 

Q: Who qualifies to receive breast pumps from the WIC Program?

Answer: Breast pumps are available for breastfeeding women who are currently on Arkansas WIC as partial or exclusively breastfeeding.  Click here for income qualifications.

Q: What kinds of breast pumps are available through Arkansas WIC?

Answer: Manual pumps for occasional or short term pumping. Lactina Loaner Electric Pump for short-term complications and medical problems. Personal Double Pump (Pump N' Style) for mothers of premature infants, mothers returning to work or school and breastfeeding complications when indicated by WIC staff.

Q: How can a breast pump be obtained from the Arkansas WIC Program?

Answer: Breast pumps are available from all Arkansas county health departments. Click here to access the location and phone number of the nearest county health department or call 1-800-445-6175 for more information.

Q: Is there a cost for breast pumps and other supplies?

Answer: Breast pumps and other supplies are available at no cost to breastfeeding WIC participants. The participant must be certified as a breastfeeding woman.

Q: Does the Arkansas WIC Program rent breast pumps to non-WIC mothers?

Answer: No. Arkansas WIC does not rent breast pumps. Non-WIC participants do not qualify for breast pumps from Arkansas WIC Program.

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