Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) System  

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eWIC Vendors

The purpose of the eWIC Vendor Team is “To partner with the Arkansas WIC Program in an effort to transition to EBT as efficiently and quickly as possible.”  During this transition, Arkansas WIC will work to maintain strong relationships with the vendor community through eWIC Vendor Team Meetings.  These meetings will provide valuable insight to current and future developments in EBT.  If you are a retailer looking to become a authorized WIC vendor, please visit our Vendor Management page. If you are a authorized WIC vendor and are interested in participating in these meetings, contact the WIC program

Listed below are the certified commercial vendor system used for WIC EBT food sales.  For additional information regarding vendor systems or certification of a vendor system, contact the WIC program

Smart Card Certified Systems

Please click on the link below for the list of certified point-of-sale (POS) systems to accept eWIC cards. Please contact eWIC at (501) 661-2087 for questions regarding ongoing certifications or the steps necessary for a system to be certified.

WIC EBT Certified POS Systems