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WIC Formula Changes

In May 2012, the Arkansas WIC Program infant formula rebate was awarded to Nestle Gerber. The new contract will run from October 1, 2012 thru September 30, 2015. This new contract marks the first manufacturer contract change in 18 years.

Standard Formula

WIC will begin providing Nestle Gerber products as the standard formula on October 1, 2012. The Enfamil family of products manufactured by Mead Johnson will no longer be issued by the Arkansas WIC Program.

WIC State agencies are required to have contracts with infant formula manufacturers. WIC State agencies agree to provide one brand of infant formula and in return the manufacturer gives the State agency a refund for each can of infant formula purchased by WIC participants. Money paid back to the program allows us to purchase more WIC foods and serve more participants.

Infants currently receiving Enfamil Premium Infant, Enfamil Gentlease, Enfamil A.R. or Enfamil ProSobee will be issued a Nestle Gerber product that is equal to the Mead Johnson product:

Enfamil Premium Infant  Gerber Good Start Gentle or Gerber Good Start Protect*
Enfamil A.R.  Gerber Good Start Gentle
Enfamil Gentlease  Gerber Good Start Soothe
Enfamil ProSobee

Gerber Good Start Soy

Special Formula

Beginning October 1, 2012, the following special formulas will be allowed by the Arkansas WIC Program with an approved prescription:

Alimentum Phenex II  PediaSure
Neocate PediaSure with Fiber Pregestimil
Neocate Jr. with Prebiotics PediaSure Enteral  Portagen
NeoSure PediaSure Enteral with Fiber Similac PM 60/40
Nutramigen Enflora LGG (powder only) Phenex I Similac Special Care 24
Nutramigen LIPIL (concentrate or RTU only)

WIC families with infants currently receiving a special formula should speak to a WIC staff member about how changes to the approved brands will affect their infant’s formula.

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