Vendor Management 

The Arkansas WIC Program relies on grocery stores (WIC vendors) as an effective and convenient means for participants to obtain WIC foods.  The program provides participants with WIC Food Checks for specific quantities and types of foods and Cash Value  Benefits (CVB) for fresh and frozen fruits and vegetables.  Participating WIC vendors accept these checks and CVBs  in exchange for the WIC food items. WIC vendors process  the checks and CVBs in accordance with the Arkansas WIC  Program Vendor Handbook and Program Information.

The WIC Vendor Management Office can be reached by contacting the State WIC Office at 501-661-2508. E-mail can be sent to

Vendor Applicant Shelf Price Survey 2015
Vendor Participation Agreement and Handbook  | Appendix A: Minimum Stock Requirements
Approved Infant Formula Sources - Manufacturers  | Wholesalers
WIC Approved Vendors
WIC Approved Foods - English | Spanish 
Vendor Training Resources
WIC Flash Policy and Procedures Memos
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Vendor Application Information - Applications are accepted on an on-going basis.  Contact the WIC Food Delivery Section, State Office, (501) 280-4675 for more information

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