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There are many developments that take place during a child’s first twelve months of living. Among them is the eruption of the first baby teeth. Baby teeth typically begin to enter the mouth between 4-6 months. By their first birthday, children usually have their front teeth erupted into place with the back teeth soon to follow. It is important to start children on the right path of good oral hygiene practices to ensure a lifetime of a healthy smile. Here’s what to do:

By one year of age, all children should have a dental evaluation. This can be as simple as a look into the open mouth to look for signs of early childhood decay. During this visit is also a good time to apply fluoride varnish to the teeth. Fluoride helps to make teeth stronger and more cavity resistant.

If you don’t already have a dental home, now is the time to find a dentist for your child and the rest of the family. Tooth decay is one of the most chronic disease conditions and yet it is entirely preventable. Start taking your children to the dentist for professional treatment and avoid the needless pain and discomfort of dental decay.


When Should I Start Taking My Child to the Dentist?  (video)

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