Boil Orders

Boil Orders to Web
Date IssuedDate LiftedSystemArea ImpactedReasonCounty
10/8/2015 8:12:53 AM . MILLWOOD WATER CORPORATION Entire System a main break LITTLE RIVER
10/6/2015 2:35:19 PM . MINERAL SPRINGS WATERWORKS approximately 150 to 200 customers South of Hwy 27/Runnels St. a main break at a fire hydrant HOWARD
10/6/2015 2:02:45 PM . INDEPENDENCE JACKSON REGIONAL Thida Community area a main break INDEPENDENCE/JACKSON/WHITE
10/6/2015 11:26:28 AM . BOIS D ARC WATER SYSTEM Entire System a main break HEMPSTEAD
10/6/2015 9:32:00 AM . FLIPPIN WATERWORKS Airport Rd.(Road 980), Burris Lane, North and South of Road 7029, and Road 7017 a main break MARION
10/5/2015 8:17:02 AM 10/8/2015 2:15:18 PM HARTFORD WATERWORKS Entire System a main break SEBASTIAN
10/2/2015 9:29:46 AM 10/6/2015 2:48:46 PM MAUMELLE WATER MANAGEMENT Riverland subdivision area (Riverland, Platte , Yukon, Crystal Mtn, Bay,Mtn, Turtle Creek, Britney, Campbell, Norfork south of Riverland, Crystal Hill, Hampton Inn, 1st Security Bank). a main break PULASKI
9/29/2015 1:43:41 PM 10/2/2015 3:39:56 PM GEORGIA PACIFIC PAPER MILL Entire System a power outage resulting in the use of process water in the potable water system for process needs ASHLEY
9/29/2015 10:30:51 AM . BALD KNOB NORTH WATER ASSOC East Section to include Liberty Valley, Huricane Lake and HWY 64 East. a main break and possible pressure loss from the source system. JACKSON/WHITE
9/29/2015 10:09:11 AM 10/2/2015 9:22:41 AM BALD KNOB WATERWORKS Entire System a main break WHITE
9/28/2015 1:33:01 PM . AUTUMN ACRES MHP Entire System line break BAXTER
9/28/2015 8:34:39 AM 10/2/2015 11:43:51 AM S P G WATER ASSOCIATION South Woolum Rd. and connecting roads, Baker Ford rd. and connecting roads, osburne Rd., Tomahawk Rd. and connecting roads. a 6" main break MARION/SEARCY
9/25/2015 12:11:14 PM 10/2/2015 8:49:40 AM NORTH HOWARD RURAL WATER ASSOCIATION Entire System a main break HOWARD
9/25/2015 9:05:51 AM 9/30/2015 3:37:02 PM BANKS WATERWORKS Entire System a main break BRADLEY
9/24/2015 4:39:34 PM 10/2/2015 8:52:36 AM FLIPPIN WATERWORKS Entire System a main break MARION
9/24/2015 4:37:10 PM 10/2/2015 8:51:47 AM FLIPPIN WATERWORKS Entire System a main break MARION
9/24/2015 3:54:44 PM . TOLLETTE WATER Entire System a main break HOWARD
9/24/2015 8:04:59 AM 10/2/2015 8:50:30 AM FLIPPIN WATERWORKS homes on "Airport Road" and all north of "Airport Road" a main break MARION
9/21/2015 10:30:42 AM 9/24/2015 3:33:28 PM OZARK WATERWORKS approximately 100 customers located on Hellberg Lane, 3rd & Tucker Street North, and 2nd and Yates Street North a main break FRANKLIN
9/21/2015 10:30:12 AM 9/24/2015 4:21:25 PM LOCKESBURG WATERWORKS Entire System a main break SEVIER
9/21/2015 8:27:26 AM 9/25/2015 3:42:57 PM HWY 71 WATER DISTRICT #1 PWA approximately 20 customers located from 7523 Hwy 282 west to the end of the line at Pecan Grove, includes Apline Chalet. a main break CRAWFORD
9/19/2015 3:44:41 PM 9/24/2015 4:19:19 PM CUSHMAN WATER SYSTEM Entire System a main break INDEPENDENCE
9/18/2015 6:44:09 AM 9/23/2015 2:28:56 PM NORTH EAST PUBLIC WATER AUTH following: Mallard Point Rd north of Hwy 62 and all side roads from Mallard Point Road a main break BAXTER
9/16/2015 11:10:15 AM 9/18/2015 2:26:42 PM HARRISON WATERWORKS customers located in the area south of Capps Road, west of Pine Street, east of tamarind and Highland Streets, and continuing south out Highway 7 South to Valley View Church Road, including the Berry Addit a main break BOONE
9/15/2015 7:04:01 AM 9/17/2015 1:37:37 PM SALEM WATER ASSOCIATION 70 or so customers located on Highway 5 North from but not including Kentucky Road and including Harrison Road, Bluegrass Rd., White Way, and Nicklebill Road. a main break SALINE
9/14/2015 4:16:34 PM 9/17/2015 1:57:29 PM VIOLA WATERWORKS customers on Pickren Hall Road and all customers on Hwy 62 west of Pickren Hall Road. a main break FULTON
9/9/2015 8:59:33 AM 9/14/2015 1:59:47 PM MAMMOTH SPRING WATERWORKS Entire System a valve replacement FULTON
9/8/2015 4:04:15 PM 9/14/2015 8:07:05 AM HARRISBURG WATERWORKS for Amber Street, David Street, West Peck Rd. and to include Corner Stone Church and Witt's End Dinner on Illinois St. possible loss of pressure below 20 psi. POINSETT
9/8/2015 1:48:45 PM 9/11/2015 8:10:41 AM KIMZEY REGIONAL WATER DISTRICT comunities of Pearcy and Bonnerdale and all Kimzey RWD customers in Garland and Montgomery Counties. a main break HOT SPRING
9/4/2015 2:21:50 PM 9/11/2015 11:18:13 AM HWY 71 WATER DISTRICT #1 PWA 57 customers onTurner Road, Emma Lane, DeWater Lane, Family Circle Lane, and Revis Hill Heights a main break CRAWFORD
9/4/2015 10:53:32 AM 9/10/2015 9:07:26 PM CUSHMAN WATER SYSTEM Entire System a main break INDEPENDENCE
9/2/2015 3:48:16 PM . WARD MOBILE HOME PARK Entire System Zero chlorine residual after Total Coliform Positive Bacteriological samples. MILLER
3/20/2015 9:46:53 AM . WALDO WATERWORKS the approximately 50 customers East of the Big Creek Bridge on Hwy 98. A temporary 2 line has been put in place to supply water to the Cottondale area east of the Big Creek Bridge on Hwy 98. an 8" main break at the Big Creek Bridge. The Boil Order will remain in place until the permanent 8" line has been repaired. COLUMBIA
12/12/2014 6:35:47 AM . OZARK ACRES WATER ASSOCIATION Entire System problems will well #6 SHARP
10/27/2014 1:49:32 PM . EAST JOHNSON CO WATER ASSN service connections on Hickey Mountain Road a main break JOHNSON
10/15/2014 8:46:30 AM . USFS HORSEHEAD BATHHOUSE Entire System repeated total coliform present samples JOHNSON