Grant and Bid Opportunities 

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The Procurement Branch of the Office of Finance has the primary responsibility and oversight for the agency wide procurement of commodities, technical and professional services and sub-grants.

Request for Applications

RFA-17-0004 Arkansas Clinical Transformation Collaborative (ACT)
RFA-17-0003 Abstinence Education Grant Program
RFA-17-0002 Arkansas Clinic Transformative (ACT)
RFA-17-0001 Personal Responsibility Education Program
    RFA-16-0009 Community Based Tobacco Free Arkansas

    Request for Qualifications

    RFQ-16-0005 Mosquito Residential or Commercial Zone Abatement Services for Class 2, 4, or 6 licensure

    RFQ-16-0005 Tech Proposal Pkt

    Request for Proposal/Bid 

    RFP-DH-18-0001 MMJ Seed To Sale Tracking System

    DOH-16-0022 Professional/Consultant for the Health Care Systems Intervention Domain

    ADH Business Associate Agreement


    Funding Opportunities

     Notice of Funds Availability


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    Contract and Grant Disclosure and Certification Form

    Employment of Illegal Immigrants – Certification by Bidder/Contractor
    Certification Regarding Lobbying - Certification for Contracts, Sub-grants, Loans and Cooperative Agreements
    W9 - Vendor Request
    Procurement Appeal Policy
    Voluntary Product Accessibility Template (VPAT)


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