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The Procurement Branch of the Office of Finance has the primary responsibility and oversight for the agency wide procurement of commodities, technical and professional services and sub-grants.

Request for Applications

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Request for Information

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Request for Proposal

Rural Health Clinic Survey Analysis - DH-15-0004

The Arkansas Department of Health (ADH) is issuing this Request for Proposal (RFP) to solicit responses from qualified and experienced contractors to assess and analyze organizational needs (both financial and operational) to the Certified Rural Health Clinics (CRHC) of Arkansas on behalf of the Arkansas Department of Health/Office of Rural Health and Primary Care (ADH/ORHPC).  Technical assistance efforts by the successful vendor will focus on assessing Rural Health Clinic (RHC) needs and developing a plan of action for improvements based on the outcome of the evaluation.

Rural Health Clinic Survey Analysis

Funding Opportunities

Rural Health and Primary Care

Rural Health and Primary Care works with numerous organizations to coordinate rural health resources and activities statewide. This office administers several grant programs for small hospitals and committees seeking to improve or enhance health services in rural areas of our state. Rural Health and Primary Care provides technical assistance to organizations and communities wishing to expand access to primary care for underserved populations. They work to recruit and retain health care professionals in rural areas and underserved areas of Arkansas and provide technical assistance to the Critical Access Hospitals in the state.


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