Arkansas State Board of Health 

The Arkansas State Board of Health was established by Act 96 of 1913, which serves as the charter or constitution for this Board.  The Board has the general supervision and control of all matters pertaining to the health of the citizens of Arkansas.  It is empowered to make all necessary and reasonable rules and regulations of a general nature for: 

  • Protection of the public health and safety
  • General improvement of the sanitary and hygienic conditions within the state
  • Suppression and prevention of infectious, contagious and communicable diseases
  • Proper enforcement of quarantine, isolation and control of such diseases
  • Proper control of chemical exposures that may result in adverse health effects to the public.

The Department of Health is the state agency responsible for implementing the Board’s regulations.


2017 Quarterly Meetings




08.03 10:00 am Freeway Medical Tower
5800 W.  10th St., Room 906 
Little Rock, AR  72204

Executive Committee Meetings

Executive Committee Meetings are only held at the discretion of the President and the Secretary/Director.

Board of Health Meeting Minutes

01.26.17| Minutes
07.28.16| Minutes
04.28.16| Minutes
01.28.16| Minutes
10.22.15| Minutes
07.23.15| Minutes
04.23.15| Minutes
01.22.15| Minutes
10.23.14| Minutes
07.24.14| Minutes
04.24.14| Minutes
02.21.14| Minutes
01.23.14| Minutes
12.18.13| Minutes
10.24.13| Minutes
07.25.13| Minutes
05.29.13| Minutes

State Board of Health Members


Term Expiration

No Photo Available

Jim Lambert, President

District 2
Hospital Administrator
Terry Yamauchi, M.D. 12.31.19
At Large

Nathaniel Smith, MD, MPH

ADH Director
Glen “Eddie” Bryant, M.D. 12.31.16
District 1
Clark Fincher, M.D.  12.31.16
District 2
Anthony N. Hui, M.D. 12.31.16
District 3
Dr. James Zini, DO 12.31.16
At Large

Catherine Tapp, MPH

Beverly Foster, DC 12.31.17
George Harper, JD 12.31.16
Robbie Thomas Knight, M.D. 12.31.17 
Alan Fortenberry, P.E. 12.31.17
Perry Amerine
Gary Bass, Pharm D 12.31.17
Anika Whitfield, D.P.M. 12.31.16
Peggy Walker, RN, MSN 12.31.16
Registered Nurse
Susan Jones, M.D. 12.31.16
Rural Physician

Thomas Jones, R.S.

Lee Johnson, M.D. 12.31.16
At Large

Susan Weinstein, D.V.M.

Miranda Childs-Bebee 12.31.17
Greg Bledsoe, MD, MPH Arkansas Surgeon General
Lawrence Braden, MD 12.31.16
Dist 4

Perinatal Regionalization

Premature babies or babies with medical complications have better survival rates when they are delivered in facilities offering specialized care.


Arkansas Perinatal Regionalization Levels of Care

NICU Classification Committee Report

Arkansas Public Health Law Bench Book

Legal preparedness is crucial to successful public health planning. Being prepared legally for a public health emergency includes having adequate legal authorities in place, knowing of those legal authorities, presenting accessible legal information to the public health officials in your community or state, ensuring those public health officials can competently apply the relevant laws in an emergency, and enabling public health officials to coordinate actions across government agencies and jurisdictions and with the public sector. To accomplish these goals, a bench book has been developed by the University of Arkansas at Little Rock, William H. Bowen School of Law and the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences, Fay W. Boozman College of Public Health. You may access the bench book at the link provided below.

Arkansas Public Health Law Bench Book

Board of Health4815 W. Markham Street, Slot 31
Little Rock, AR 72205