Pictures and Documents of Public Health  

Desha County Flood - 1927

Arkansas City, Desha County, was covered in water from four to 30 feet in depth following the levee breaks in 1927. (Desha County Historical Society)

First Recorded Death CertificateThe first recorded death certificate in Arkansas. Ms. Clark died of malarial fever in 1914. (Arkansas Department of Health)


Arkansas State Tuberculosis SanatoriumAn aerial view of the Arkansas State Tuberculosis Sanatorium Main Complex circa 1950 (Booneville Development Corporation/South Logan County Chamber of Commerce)

Every Child by TwoEvery Child by ’74 Campaign to eradicate preventable diseases among the state’s children.

Tobacco PostCardJuvenile Pledge - Tobacco Postcard

Educational Bulletin on Hookworm Disease
Educational Bulletin on Hookworm Disease and Rural Sanitation (1914)


Educational Bulletin on Hookworm Disease
Service Highlight
Vanetta Vestal‐Williams
One of Arkansas’s First Female Sanitarians