Medical Marijuana  

The passage of Issue 6 has created new responsibilities for the Arkansas Department of Health (ADH). These responsibilities include rule making, issuance of Registry Identification Cards, tracking of dispensed marijuana and other operations.  ADH currently does not have an established infrastructure for this type of program, but we are currently working diligently on developing and attaining the necessary resources to implement an appropriate program.

Under this amendment, qualifying patients and designated caregivers can apply to receive Registry Identification Cards from ADH. ADH is required to maintain a database for dispensaries to verify the amount dispensed to card holders.  ADH will have other responsibilities, including regulating labeling and testing standards, establishing reasonable fees, considering public petitions to add additional medical conditions to the list of qualifying conditions, and submitting annual reports to the Legislature.

Proposed rules regarding registry identification cards, labeling and testing standards are now available for public comment and can be found here. ADH will update this webpage when Registry Identification Cards are available. If you have questions, you can direct them to We have also set-up a call-line where you can leave your messages and questions for a return call that can be reached at 501-661-2367.

Questions about cultivation and dispensing requirements should be directed to the Arkansas Department of Finance and Administration. Please check the following site for updates from DFA.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. When will medical marijuana registry cards be available? 

Answer: The department will communicate to the public when the application process is available. Arkansas Department of Health anticipates issuing medical marijuana registry cards approximately one month before medical marijuana is available for purchase. Please keep checking the ADH website for announcements.

Q. Will having a patient card give me permission to grow my own marijuana?

Answer: No. The Arkansas Constitution, Amendment 98, also known as the Arkansas Medical Marijuana Amendment of 2016, allows only licensed cultivation centers and dispensaries to grow process and dispense medical marijuana. 

     Q. Can I get a medical marijuana card now andgo out of state to get marijuana?

Answer: Arkansas Medical Marijuana registry cards will not be issued until product is nearing availability in Arkansas.

Q. Can I get a card by presenting a list of my current prescriptions?  

Answer: Each applicant must submit, with the application, a valid Arkansas Department of Health Medical Marijuana Physician Written Certification. A list of prescriptions will not serve as a substitute for this certification.

Q. Is there a list of doctors in my area that can give me a Medical Marijuana certification?

Answer: The department does not maintain a physician list. Patients will be responsible for locating their own physician.

 Q. I don’t own a computer. How will I be able to apply for a card?

AnswerAn applicant may request a paper application, which will be mailed to the applicant. The completed application and fee may be submitted by mail. When the application process opens, please call 501-682-4982 to request a paper application.

For more information, contact:
Phone: 501-661-2367