Mission Statement

The mission of the Engineering Section is to protect the health of all of Arkansas' citizens and Water is life photovisitors by providing technical assistance, analytical services, training, regulation, and public education for the purpose of ensuring that public water systems provide adequate quantities of safe, palatable water and that community sewerage systems dispose of domestic wastes in a safe manner.

Areas of Responsibility

The Engineering Section's primary function is the regulation and oversight of public water systems throughout the state. This program consists of plan review of new water system facility construction, inspection of water system facilities, trouble shooting water treatment and distribution problems, investigating complaints, and collecting and analyzing samples to determine water quality. However, the Section has a number of related functions, such as plan review of new sewer system construction, inspection of proposed cemetery sites, plan review of public swimming pools, and water system operator training and certification.


The Engineering Section consists of over 80 engineers, scientists, secretaries, data management and administrative personnel, all located in the Department of Health's Central Office in Little Rock. We can be reached at address below.

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Contact Address Phone Fax

4815 West Markham, Slot 37
Little Rock, AR 72205-3867

501 661-2623 501 661-2032


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