Chronic Disease 

Chronic Disease: Frequently Asked Questions

What is chronic disease?

A chronic disease is an illness that lasts a long time, at least three months or more according to the US Center for Health Statistics. Many chronic diseases require health care management for effective, longterm treatment. Diabetes, heart disease, hypertension, cancer, osteoporosis, Alzheimer's and asthma are examples of chronic diseases.1

The Chronic Disease Prevention and Control Branch

The goal of the Chronic Disease Prevention and Control Branch is to reduce the impact of chronic diseases and their risk factors in Arkansas.  The goal is accomplished by:

  1. Public and professional education on the signs, symptoms and appropriate treatment of chronic diseases through grants from state and federal funds.
  2. Building partnerships at the state and community level to advocate for prevention, treatment and control of chronic diseases.
    • Partnering with state wide organizations to develop strategies and policies to reduce the burden of chronic diseases
    • Providing technical assistance to Hometown Health Coalitions to develop strategies at the local level to reduce chronic diseases in their communities
  3. Providing screening and/or surveillance for some chronic diseases, such as breast and cervical cancer or hypertension.
    • Screening services are provided at Arkansas Department of Health (ADH) local health units, Community Health Centers (CHCs), and primary care providers throughout the state of Arkansas.
    • Mammograms are provided by approved private providers at facilities throughout the state of Arkansas.
    • Follow-up services are provided when tests indicate a pre-cancerous or cancerous condition.

    The Chronic Disease Prevention and Control Branch is organized into domains by focus area.

    • Healthy Communities Domain
    • Healthcare Systems Domain
    • Community Clinical Linkages Domain
    • Evaluation, Epidemiology and Surveillance Domain
    • Policy and Partnership Support Domain


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